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The Rights Juggernaut and the Weakest of the Weak.

The Rights Juggernaut and the Weakest of the Weak.

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It is always worth keeping in mind that it is the little ones who must first pay the price of the cultural rejection of ‘human nature’. An item in last Sunday’s “Sunday programme” illustrates again the hedonist-abortion link. (The "news report" starts at 6:40)

Even by prominent “Catholic” Ed Stourton’s standards it is an extraordinarily softballing interview with Sarah Posner, a “Washington based journalist”, who manifests clearly her “LGBT rights” sympathy. She “reports” against the new US state laws which attempt to protect those who believe the sexes are biologically determined. Towards the end she freely affirms the link between the “LGBT rights” and the “reproductive rights” movements. One is reminded of Hillary Clinton's recent declaration that "The unborn person does not have constitutional rights".

A Pentecostal pastor in the US Bishops' new religious freedom video argues succinctly that reason without faith will end up “manipulating reality”. The ten minute film shows that true freedom and rights are for all or they will end up being for noone.

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