Rosary Meditations from the Psalms

A Benedictine Sister, St. Cecilia’s Abbey, Ryde FAITH Magazine May-June 2008s


1. The Annunciation
Hearken, O daughter, and see, and
incline your ear;
And the king shall greatly desire
your beauty;
For he is the Lord your God, and him
they shall adore.

2. The Visitation
By thee have I been confirmed from the womb;
from my mother’s womb thou art my protector.

3. The Nativity
The Lord said to me: thou art my son,
this day have I begotten thee.
Ask of me and I will give thee the
Gentiles for my inheritance,
and the utmost parts of the earth for
thy possession.

4. The Presentation
Light is risen to the just, and joy to the upright of heart.

5. The Finding of Jesus in the Temple
I have understood more than all my teachers,
for thy testimonies are my meditation. I have understood more than the elders, for I have sought thy commandments.


1. The Baptism of Jesus
The voice of the Lord is upon the waters. The voice of majesty has thundered; The Lord is upon many waters.
Ps. 28:3

2. The First Miracle at the Wedding Feast of Cana
The Lord is near to all who call upon him,
to all who call upon him in truth.
He will fulfil the desire of those who fear
he will hear their prayer and save them.
Ps. 144: 18-19

3. The Proclamation of the Kingdom of God and the Call to Conversion
Direct me in thy truth, and teach me; for thou art God my saviour; See my objection and my labour; and forgive me all my sins.

4. The Transfiguration
O Lord my God, thou art exceedingly great, thou hast put on praise and beauty, and art clothed with light as with a garment.

5. The Institution of the Eucharist
He has made a memorial of his wondrous deeds, gracious and merciful is the Lord, he has given food to those who fear him. He will be mindful forever of his covenant.


1. The Agony in the Garden
My spirit is in anguish within me, my heart within me is troubled. Deliver me from my enemies, O Lord, to thee have I fled. Teach me to do thy will, for thou art my God.
Ps.l42:4, 9,10a

2. The Scourging at the Pillar
Sinners have wrought upon my back, They have prolonged their evil-doing.

3. The Crowning with Thorns
I am a worm and no man;
the reproach of man, and the outcast
of the people.
All who saw me derided me,
they mocked at me and wagged
their heads.

4. Jesus carries his Cross
Depart not from me, for anguish is very near, for there is no one to help me. My strength is dried up like a potsherd, and my tongue has cleaved to my jaws and thou last brought me down into the dust of death.

5. The Crucifixion/Jesus dies on the Cross
Into thy hands I commend my spirit.


1. The Resurrection
The Lord's right hand has triumphed; The Lord's right hand has raised me, The Lord's right hand has triumphed. I shall not die, I shall live and proclaim the Lord's deeds.

2. The Ascension
Lift up your gates, you princes
and be lifted up, eternal gates,
and the King of glory will enter.
Who is the King of glory?
the Lord of hosts, he is the King of glory.

3. The descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost
Thou shalt send forth thy spirit, and they shall be created,
and thou shalt renew the face of the earth.

4. The Assumption
Thou wilt not leave my soul in Hades nor let they holy one see decay. Thou hast made known to me the ways of life,
thou shalt fill me with joy with thy face, at your right hand delights for ever.

5. The Coronation of Our Lady
Thy throne, O God, stands forever and ever... the Queen has taken her place at thy right hand in golden attire.
Ps. 44:7a, 10b

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