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Jeff Mirus illustrates the fulfillment of Holloway's 1950 prediction.

Jeff Mirus illustrates the fulfillment of Holloway's 1950 prediction.

Jeff Mirus writes here on modern murder mystery novels. He says “Unfortunately, I’ve run into a number of telling cultural trends in these stories which make it more difficult to relax and enjoy the solution to 'a good clean murder'". He well articulates the over representation of politically correct themes, which we have become very used to from Hollywood: from the ubiquity of sexual immorality through the positive stereotyping of same-sex attraction and agnosticism, to the negative stereo-typing of Christians. He notes, "It is very difficult to screen out the obsessive prejudices of our dominant culture."  This shows the deep reaches of post-Christian relativism, crying out for diagnosis. 

Edward Holloway’s recently published 1950 work, “Matter and Mind”, notes,

“… [the] gulf between the Church and the scientific mind … widens with each generation, and modern means of diffusing knowledge by the press, radio, and film, have brought us now to such a pass that the Christian, and especially the Catholic, whose beliefs are enriched in their religious manifestation by the ceremonies and practices of a most ancient past, finds himself considered the initiate of a recondite cult whose practices are not only unintelligible to men around him, but savour to them of superstition and magic.” (p.12)

He argued,

“… a new culture is foreshadowed in the turbulence and spiritual confusion of [our] times …  our certainty of imminent change is based … upon the worldwide breakdown of established social order and traditional culture; … nowhere more marked or more disastrous than within that civilisation … that goes by the name of Christendom.” (p.4)

Holloway went on to argue that only one type of diagnosis of our post-Reformation, post-modern science, relativism is possible:

“the survival of a great civilisation depends upon the vitality of those basic convictions, and generally accepted ideals which shape the ends of the society they inform.  … it is not possible that a decline which can be traced to the sixteenth century, and which in our own day is gathering momentum towards the collapse of a culture, can be related to anything except an inability of Christian speculative thought to inform and inspire the minds of men.” (p.7)

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