Be Unfashionable and Love Jesus

FAITH Magazine January-February 2008

From Pope Benedict's address to University Students, Vatican City, November 9, 2007

"...people who wish to be Christ's disciples are called to go against the tide... (of) arrogance and the achievement of success at all costs...
(Today) there exists a race, sometimes a desperate race, toward appearance and possession at all costs, at the expense, unfortunately, of being. The Church, teacher of humanity, never tires of exhorting people, especially the young of whom you are a part, to remain watchful and not to fear choosing 'alternative' paths which only Christ can indicate...
Jesus calls all his friends to live in sobriety and solidarity, to create sincere and disinterested emotional relationships with others... From you, dear young students, he asks for honest commitment to study, cultivating a mature sense of responsibility and a shared interest in the common good.
May your years at university be, then, training for a convinced and courageous evangelical witness. And to realise your mission, seek to cultivate an intimate friendship with the divine Master, enrolling yourselves in the school of Mary, Seat of Learning."

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