A Revised Version Of God Bless Our Pope

Joanna Bogle and Fiorella Sultana de Maria FAITH Magazine July-August 2005

Full in the panting heart of Rome
The pilgrim’s and the stranger’s home
Our voices rise to God in prayer
With faithful Christians gathered there
God bless our Pope…..
The great, the good

Almighty God, whose sacred word
The great Apostle Peter heard
Who guides with ever-faithful hand
Your holy Church in every land
God bless our Pope…..

O Lord of every age and place
Peter’s successor asks your grace
Abundant faith and strength provide
Inspire and lead, protect and guide.
God bless our Pope…..

O God of light and God of truth
The hope of age, the strength of youth
To whom the holy martyrs pray
Renew and bless your Church today
God bless our Pope…..

Where Peter is, the Church shall be
As Christ once taught in Galilee
Your saints join us to sing your praise
From now until the end of days.
God bless our Pope…….

Faith Magazine