The Integration of new Movements into the Life of the Church

Pope Benedict in a question and answer session with the Roman clergy, 23rd February 07?

”Do not extinguish charisms (1Thess) … If the Lord gives us new gifts we must give thanks.... And it is something beautiful that, without an initiative of the hierarchy ... new forms of life are born in the Church, as they were born in all the centuries.”

“Movements have been born in all the centuries. They integrate in the life of the Church, though at times there is no lack of sufferings and difficulties.”

“Thus, also in our century, the Lord, the Holy Spirit, has given us new initiatives with new aspects of Christian life: On being lived by human persons with th

“… If the movements are really gifts of the Holy Spirit, they integrate and serve the Church, and in the patient dialogue between pastors and movements a fruitful form is born, in which these elements become edifying elements for the Church of today and tomorrow

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