July 2019 Faith Community Reflection


Fr Chris Findlay-Wilson

Last summer the Archbishop of Liverpool asked the Congregation of Saints in Rome to re-open the Cause of the schoolteacher-mystic Teresa Higginson, following a recent major miracle, a healing from throat cancer.

It seems that the initial response from Rome was very positive; a special commission was impressed by her holiness. However, it’s possible the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith decided the devotion to the Sacred Head she promoted needed further justification. This seems to also have been the response in 1937. So the Cause has been put on hold again notwithstanding much enthusiasm among many ordinary Catholics today.

Now our vision of Christ in the Faith Movement provides the perfect vindication of that devotion. Fr Holloway’s mother claimed that it “will not only establish the fact of the Law of control and direction, but also is the proof needed by and spoken of in the letters of Teresa Higginson to establish the Devotion to the Sacred Head”.

Fr Holloway wrote that his mother “often said to me that the devotion to the crowned head of Christ, king of the universe, was urgently willed by God for this age. She linked it closely with the Eucharist as Sacrament”… “that in the expression of the Godhead through the Word made Flesh, she thought the Head should rule the Heart. The emphasis should not be lop-sided. Christ must appear as Head of all wisdom, human and divine, created and uncreated, as well as the source of eternal and redemptive compassion.”

Friday 5th July marks the octave day of the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart (28th June). It’s the day that Teresa Higginson claimed Our Lord wanted set aside each year to honour his wisdom enshrined in his Sacred Head – and to make reparation for the sins of our modern world against that Wisdom.

Let’s all try and make the effort to receive Holy Communion on Friday 5th and ask Our Lord for this devotion to be officially recognised by the Church as a public devotion as soon as possible. (Priests could offer a votive mass of the Sacred Heart). After all Jesus promised Teresa Higginson extraordinary graces through this devotion, not least that our land would one day come back to the faith and make up for the damage caused by the Reformation…