human soul symposium
Faith Symposium 2023

Faith Symposium 2023

23.10.2023 - 25.10.2023

Event took place Autumn 2023. Details on 2024 symposium coming soon.

Archival details of event.


The Human Soul in the Catholic Vision 

Perspectives on Substance Dualism


Date of conference 24th-25th October 2023 (adjusted 07.10.23)

Location – SPEC Centre, London HA5 3EP, UK


The human 'soul' is central to the Catholic theological vision, often expressed philosophically using Aquinas' enrichment of Aristotle's principle of form in the case of the human person. Nonetheless, 'mind' or 'soul', as substantially distinct from matter, is a minority position within contemporary philosophy of mind. Furthermore, pansphychic models, as an effort to explain 'consciousness', have recently gained more credibility as rivals to monist 'physicalism'.

There are a small number of slots still open for papers to be presented at the symposium. Please see the section immediately below. 

Residential places are also available to academics and research students who contact [email protected] giving a brief indication of their interest in participation with a summary of the current engagement in this field. Space is limited as total number of attendees at the symposium will not be greater than 25. Price for non-presenting particpants will be £180, covering full board, including a dinner in a local restaurant, and accommodation.


Call for Papers

In addition to the pre-invited discussants and authors, the FS Committee is issuing a call for papers for presentation and discussion. Submissions accepted on subjects including, but not limited to-

Traditional and contemporary hylomorphic models, substance dualism, the distinction of matter and spirit, the impact of evolutionary theory on presentations of the soul, the viability of traditional ‘proofs’ for the soul, ‘new’ proofs for the soul, the doctrine of the soul within the context of the tradition of Catholic thought.

The format of the symposium favours discussion: papers are made available to all participants three weeks prior to the meeting, Each 75 minute session begins with a short summation, with the remaining time devoted to intensive discussion among authors and participants.

All submissions should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • SEND TO: Send papers as either Word (.doc or .docx) or Adobe (.pdf) attachments to [email protected]
  • ENGLISH LANGUAGE: submissions should be in English.
  • LENGTH: Papers should not exceed 9,000 words (including all notes and bibliography) with an abstract of 150 words. They should be formatted in a standard font, double-spaced, with one-inch margins. Any commonly used referencing style may be used. 

Deadline:   Friday 28th July

Notification: The Committee will endeavour to notify authors of accepted papers by or before 1st September 2023.

Organisational Committee: Hugh MacKenzie, Mark Higgins, Gregory Farrelly.