Origins, Purpose & Characteristics

Origins, Purpose & Characteristics

Origins and Purpose of the Faith Movement

1. We joyfully affirm the Good News of Jesus Christ which in its fullness is the Faith of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. We are sinners who rely on the grace of Christ and seek to grow in constant conversion. We wish to serve Him as friends and disciples according to his holy will and to be faithful and obedient sons and daughters of his Church. We seek only to promote what we firmly believe to be of God and to accept his providence wherever it may lead us.


2. The Second Vatican Council said: “Let associations and groups be organised through which the lay apostolate will be able to permeate the whole of society with the spirit of the gospel”. (Decree on Missionary Activity of the Church 15) Gladly welcoming and accepting the teachings of Vatican II and encouraged by its desire to renew the Church and re-evangelise the world through a deeper vision of Jesus Christ our Lord and God as the key to the meaning of the Universe and of our own lives (cf. Decree on the Church in the Modern World 10; Catechism of the Catholic Church 450, 668) the Faith Movement was formed in 1972 as a free collaboration of priests and people. In Canon Law it constitutes a private association of the faithful (cf. Codex Iuris Canonici 215).

3. The purpose of the Faith Movement, is to advance the Catholic Faith in the modern world, by working together to attract many to discipleship of Jesus Christ in a living, sacramental practice of their faith, and above all, through this same activity and as the means to achieve it, humbly to offer within the Church a new development of, and further insight into, the Catholic Faith which she herself teaches us through Scripture and Tradition. We therefore accept unequivocally all the defined teachings and Councils of the Church from Jerusalem to Vatican II and we profess our loyalty to the Magisterium in communion with the See of Peter.

Inspiration and Identity of the Faith Movement

4. The essential mark of the Faith Movement is a new synthesis of contemporary science and divine revelation which re-vindicates the primacy of Jesus Christ over all creation, throughout history, culture and society, and within the individual mind, heart and body. This new synthesis arises out of the principles outlined by Agnes Holloway in her book God’s Master Key: The Law of Control and Direction, and more fully elaborated by her son Fr Edward Holloway in his book Catholicism: A New Synthesis and other writings.


5. It was her claim, in all simplicity, that these principles were given to her as divine promptings and locutions. No one is obliged to accept or reject the spiritual claim behind these ideas. That judgment is ultimately referred to the highest Magisterium of the Church. However the vision of Christ and of his work presented by Agnes and Edward Holloway is always to remain central to the Faith Movementindeed it is its sole identity and reason for existing.

6. These ideas are recommended by their usefulness and authenticity in promoting and explaining the Catholic faith in the modern world. They do not claim to answer every question immediately, nor to be a pre-determined solution to all the problems which face the Church. But they do claim to supply a vital and immensely synthetic insight which can be applied most fruitfully to many key aspects of Catholic faith and life. We find that these principles provide a beautiful and compelling answer to much of the confusion and contradiction in both teaching and practice which afflicts the Church in many areas at the end of the twentieth century, and at the beginning of the new millennium. We know that the full development of this vision and the realisation of this work will need to be a collaboration of many souls.

Theology and Vision of the Faith Movement

7. The insights given through Agnes Holloway are summed up under a key concepta Master Keywhich opens many doors of development in doctrine and philosophy which she called The Unity Law of Control and Direction. It presents the whole of science and revelation as one Wisdom proceeding in interlocking ways from the transcendent Mind of God. The mystery of creation and the history of salvation can then be shown anew to the world with great clarity and power as the one unfolding plan of Gods Wisdom and Love in which all things are ordered towards the incarnate Lordship of Jesus Christ in whom we are destined to be made co-sharers of the divine nature (2 Peter 1:4).


8. The Faith Movement offers a perspective of creation through evolution by which we can show clearly the transcendent existence of God and the essential distinction between matter and spirit. We offer a vision of God as the true Environment of men in whom we live and move and have our being (Acts 17:28), and of his unfolding purpose in the relationship of word and grace through the prophets which is brought to its true head in Jesus Christ, the Son of God and Son of Man, Lord of Creation, centre of history and fulfilment of our humanity. Our redemption through the death and resurrection of the Lord, following the tragedy of original sin, is also thereby seen in its crucial and central focus. Our life in his Holy Spirit through the Church and the sacraments and the necessity of an infallible Magisterium likewise flow naturally from this presentation of Christ and his work through the ages.

9. Our understanding of the role of Mary, the Virgin Mother through whom the Divine Word comes into his own things in the flesh (cf. John 1:10-14), is greatly deepened and enhanced through this perspective. So too the dignity of man, made male and female as the sacrament of Christ and his Church (cf. Ephesians 5:32), is strikingly reaffirmed, and from this many of the Churchs moral and social teachings can be beautifully explained and underlined.

10. Through this same vision we are able to teach and encourage the way of holiness and prayer as personal fulfilment in both wisdom and joy through humble union with the Father, through the Son, in the Spirit. We show how this communion of life and love are made perfect in the Eucharist, the sacrifice and sacrament of Christ, our God and Saviour, Heir of the Ages, and King of the individual mind and heart.

11. The Faith Movement exists to promote, defend and develop this vision of the Catholic faith to the glory of God, as a service to the Church, and to meet the urgent needs of our times. This is its sole reason for being a distinctive movement within the Church.

Characteristics of the Faith Movement

12. From the very nature of its ideas Faith is therefore forward looking, offering a vision of renewal and hope for the future. Faith has always found a particularly fruitful apostolate among the young (cf. Vatican II: Decree on the Apostolate of Lay People 12, 33). Faith is open and dynamic in spirit. With the freedom of the children of God we embrace whatever structures and activities are needed to serve the aims and ideals of the Movement, within the obedience of faith and the discipline of our Holy Mother the Church.


13. Faith is not a religious order. Those who choose to be involved and to support its work remain ordinary members of the Church in whatever vocation, state or obedience they have been called to by God. Those involved remain free individuals responsible for their actions and opinions before God and the world.

14. In accordance with the Gospel, and drawn together by our shared vision and ideas, we pray for each other and offer the support of Christian friendship. Some of those involved in the Movement make the formal commitment of Membership, which consists in an agreement to uphold its Aims and Ideals, to abide by its Constitution, and to support its activities through prayer, work and financial assistance. Others, called Associates, make a lower level of commitment to the activities of the Movement. Finally, others again are involved in the work of the Movement but without making any formal commitment.

15. Inspired by a theological vision, Faith is at heart a pastoral and evangelical movement, organising catechetical events, formative groups and retreats, and producing theological, pastoral and spiritual publications and resources. Through personal influence and witness we encourage one another to become loyal and active Catholics throughout the Church and in all walks of life.

Spirit of the Faith Movement

16. All the ordinary means of sanctification which are given to us in God's mercy through the Catholic Church are available to those who choose to be involved in Faith, most especially, the Holy Eucharist, the sacrament of Penance and personal prayer, as well as devotion to Mary, the Mother of Jesus and our Mother too. These we promote and explain as essential to the Christian life. We try to contribute to the renewal of these treasures of salvation in the lives of Gods people through a renewed clarity of understanding of Gods plan of Wisdom and redeeming Love for his creatures, a renewed enthusiasm for handing on his Word, a deepened personal love for our Lord Jesus Christ and a fresh dedication to living the high standards of integrity in both charity and chastity which should mark his true disciples and apostles in the modern world.


17. Faith is also ecumenical in spirit. We believe the vision of the work of God we offer can contribute greatly to authentic ecumenical dialogue and the eventual reconciliation of all in Jesus Christ, true God and true man, the Way, the Truth and the Life for everyone. At all Faith groups and events we welcome non-Catholics who are sincerely seeking a deeper vision of Christ and encourage respectful and informed dialogue with all men and women of good will.

18. We recognise that there are many movements for renewal in the Church. We make no claim to infallibility in opinion nor monopoly in holiness. Indeed we accept our own weakness and inadequacy as unworthy vessels for a great treasure. Nonetheless we are convinced of the unique and essential contribution to that renewal which the vision of the Unity Law of creation in Christ will make.

19. To the glory of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit we commit this work, to the protection and prayers of the Mother of the Word made flesh we commend it. If it is of God, may it flourish and be blessed. If it is not, may Gods will be done.